First blog post

I am writing some novels as Wolf Moisan. This is the first of many novels I am writing. I hope you will enjoy my stories. I hope to garner some publication and/or movie contracts. The current story is about the 6 year old Cingala boy called Zuangeng. He has adventures on and in the ocean and on islands as he tries to get back home. His companion is a dragon that lives in the ocean not on land. As you read, please keep in mind the cultures of the people involved.

The novel was first inspired with another novel by a photo I saw on the website I found the photo under sea gypsies. It was a photo of two south eastern Asian boys in an outrigger. Later, it was influenced by the Walt Disney movie Moana.

I have edited the first chapter. I have just posted the whole chapter at once instead of a little at a time. I am doing whole chapters instead of snippets. I will be adding no chapters as I go.

I have included some of another novel called ‘The Sea Gypsies of Ngoguyon’. It is about a college student studying the Sargis of Ngoguyon. It is a planet covered in more water than Earth.

I have also included the introduction of a novel of the black African woman, born and raised in Africa. She in the military. She is involved in a war against a race of Yauntzy.

It would be nice if you left some comments on the blog. Please, no soliciting. No calls for censorship. Constructive comments are welcome. To access the comment page, click on MENU, click on COMMENTS. You can email at


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