The Fiction of Wolf Moisan

The Boy and the Sea Dragon

Chapter Twenty Two

First Flight

Xianjeng and Zuangeng had been traveling for about half a day. It was in the evening. They had finished eating. They rested on the surface of the ocean. No land was in sight in any direction. Zuangeng was the dragon, Ciyonaung. He sadi, “I’d like to try flying on my own.”

Xianjeng warned him, “Careful, don’t get cocky like you did underwater. The air is not like water. Air is not as forgiving of mistakes as water, especially, at your size. Get to know the air before you do anything fancy. I’ll take you aloft before you fly. When you tire, land on my back.”

“Okay,” Ciyonaung said, disappointed. They rested a little longer. Zuangeng turned into his normal form. He swam to Xianjeng. He climbed on the dragon’s back. He prepared for take off. Xianjeng took off. They reached an adequate altitude. Zuangeng turned back into Ciyonaung. He flapped his wings. He left Xianjeng’s back.

He was above Xianjeng. He worked his way ahead of him. He flew to the right a short way. He got down level with Xianjeng.

Xianjeng turned his right eye toward Ciyonaung. He saw a big grin on the dragon’s face. Xianjeng used his right front leg to signal Ciyonaung to get back some. He moved the leg forward. Then, he jerked it back. Ciyonaung flew up. He let Xianjeng get ahead.

He flew back down behind and level with Xianjeng’s right wing. He was buffeted by the airflow from the wing. He, also, felt the added lift. He did not flap his own wings as much.

Later, Ciyonaung landed on Xinjeng’s back. He laid down on his stomach. He converted back to Zuangeng. He anchored himself on the back as the conversion progressed.

They flew for days. They only stopped to eat. At night, Zuangeng turned into Ciyonaung, so they could continue flying.

Crimalinoss was flying over the island that Zuangeng had left. He came to Amberstond. He flew over the line of ships.

The men on the docks and decks of the ships saw his shadow cross the ships. They stopped working. They looked up to see the dragon.

Crimalinoss reached the end of the ships. He circled back around for another pass. He got almost half way down when he spotted a clipper of particular interest. He made another circle. He landed in the road.

He folded his wings. He walked down the road to the clipper. The men watched as he walked. They grabbed what they could to defend the ships. The dragon just walked, looking at each ship. He arrived at the clipper he was looking for. He looked over the ship. He found the name of the ship inlaid in gold across the side of the bow. It read, ‘Serikua’. The dragon’s mouth opened at the sight.

Crimalinoss crouched. He spread his mighty wings. He launched himself into the air. He gained altitude until he was higher than the tallest mast. He flew left. He flew over the ships and out over the ocean. He remembered what Xianjeng had said at that dragon meet. The men watched the dragon disappear over the ocean. They put what they had picked up down. They returned to work.

Crimalinoss dove under water. He called for a meeting at the island of the previous meeting. He flew to the island. He landed in the bay. Some dragons were already there. There were not as many as at the last meeting. He looked at each dragon. None of them was Xianjeng. He said, “Where is Kilethang?”

One of the dragons said, “We do not know. The last time we knew, he was somewhere talking to a deep sea dragon.”

Crimalinoss said, “Spread the word so that Kilethang will know! The Serikua made it to harbor! The ship has survived the storm! It still floats! Go forth. Spread the good word!”

The dragons parted. The news spread throughout the world.

A white female sea dragon was near the dragon lord’s cave when she received the news. She dove under water. She sought the entrance. She flew through the tunnel. Her eyes glowed brightly in the dark. She reached the end. She popped out into the air chamber. She was greeted by a cave elf. Her eyes dimmed. The elf said, “What brings you here, unbidden, dragon?”

She said, “News for Lord Ziolanzik, elf! I must see my lord!”

“What is this news? I will relay your message,” the elf said.

“It is for the lord’s ears, not yours,” she retorted.

The elf said defensively, “Very well! Follow me.”

The elf led her to the entrance to the lighted chamber.

“Wait here,” the elf said and disappeared into the tunnel.

Shortly, the elf reappeared. The elf said, then left, “Enter, dragon.”

She entered the chamber. Ziolanzik sat in the beam of light as usual. He said, “What news do you bring me, Shendang?”

Shendang bowed before him. She said, “Kilethang is looking for a particular ship, I have heard. The ship is called the ‘Serikua’. It has been reported that it made port. I have heard that he needs to know this. I have heard that he has a human child with him.”

Ziolanzik said in return, “It is true, he has said child with him. Kilethang has told me so, himself. However, he did not have the child with him at the time. I expect his return with the child soon. I will let him know. Go forth, Shendang.”

Shendang bowed again. She turned around. She exited the chamber. A cave elf led her to the cave’s exit tunnel.



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