The Fiction of Wolf Moisan

The Boy and the Sea Dragon

Chapter Twenty Nine

The Interrogation

He entered the building. He walked to a flight of stairs going up. He climbed the stairs to the third color. He turned left. He walked about half way down the hallway. He turned left again. He faced the door. To the right of the door, on the wall, was painted ‘Shequyle’. Underneath was ‘chief investigator’.

Shequyle opened the oak door. He entered his office.

Towards the back was an oak desk. There was a basket with papers on the left side. On the wall behind the desk were filing cabinets. Above the cabinets was a large window.

He walked to his desk. He pulled the gun out of his pocket. He set it on the desk top. He walked around the desk. He went to one cabinet. All cabinets were chest high. He pulled out the top drawer. He pulled out some paper forms. He closed the drawer. He turned around. He placed the forms on the desk. He pulled out the chair. It made a grating sound as it slid on the floor. He sat in the chair. He pulled it toward the desk. He pulled out the middle desk drawer. He picked up a black ink pen. He closed the drawer. He filled out the forms in triplicate. He referred to his notes in the notepad.

He kept a copy of each form. He stood up. He picked up the extra copies and the gun. He exited the office.

He walked to the first floor. He turned right. He walked to the far end of the hallway.

He entered the evidence room. He walked to the counter. It stretched across the room. Glass with gaps stretched above the counter. He logged the gun in. He handed the forms to the clerk behind the counter. The gun was tagged. He kept the gun. He exited with it.

He walked the hall toward the other end. He met another officer. He spoke Jalapean, the only language spoken here. He said, “Bring the boy to interrogation room one. I’ll be waiting.”

He walked to the room. He entered it. In the far wall was a window. It had bars across it. In the middle of the room was a rectangular table. Chairs sat on both sides of the table. He walked to the table. He set the gun on it. He sat in the nearest chair. He waited.

The officer went below to the cells. He found the guard. Together, they walked to Zuangeng’s cell. The guard opened the cell door. Zuangeng stood up. The officer walked to him. He grabbed Zuangeng’s left arm. He pulled Zuangeng toward the door. Zuangeng dutifully walked with the officer. The door was left open.

The officer and Zuangeng walked upstairs. The guard returned to his post.

They arrived at the interrogation room. They entered the room. They walked to the other side of the table. The officer pulled the chair opposite of Shequyle. The officer sat Zuangeng  in it. He walked to the back wall. He turned around. He stood against the wall. His hands were crossed behind him. He faced Shequyle and Zuangeng.

Shequyle spoke Jalapean to Zuangeng. He said, “Mimiwa Shequyle. Guniwa kajena?”

Zuangeng sat there, silent. He stared at Shequyle.

Shequyle said, “Tonu, guni kowa kajena?”

Again, Zuangeng remained silent. Shequyle continued, “Guni kuwa ke fenye ne likichachora?”

Zuangeng just sat there. In spite of knowing some Jalapean, he could not comprehend the questions. He only knew enough Jalapean to make it in the streets.

Shequyle started to get angry at the silence. He said sternly, “Jabo mami!”

Zuangeng got a little upset and frightened. It showed in his face. Shequyle put the gun in front of Zuangeng. He said, “Wapi fenye ke koyu hayu bendahi?”

Zuangeng remained silent. His expression deepened. Shequyle said angrily, “Kejanu, ke hoja kwo jabo mami shuka!”

Zuangeng broke his silence. He was quite upset and frightened. His heart thumped in his chest. He spoke his native language of Cingalia. He wailed, “Ikala donaka kinala lenagi amia aita lakang!”

Shequyle just realized that Zuangeng had not a clue as to what he wanted. He himself could not understand what Zuangeng just said. He noticed the necklace around the boy’s neck. He turned to the officer behind the boy. He said, “Empty his pockets and pileka his necklace. Give me what you find and the necklace.”

The officer made Zuangeng stand up. He did what Shequyle told him.

Shequyle pocketed everything in his left pants pocket. He said, “Pileka yuye seidea. Uni mami mta umboya tomboa Cingalia kwo tofsari.”

The officer took Zuangeng to his cell. Zuangeng had calmed down by that time.

Shequyle picked up and pocketed the gun. He returned to the evidence room. He turned the gun over.

He returned to his office. He filed his copies of the forms. He opened the right top desk drawer. He pulled out a brown envelope. He closed the drawer.

He took Zuangeng’s property out of his pocket. He dumped it into the envelope. He jotted the case number on the envelope. He returned to the evidence room. He logged the envelope in and handed it over.

He left for home.


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