The Fiction of Wolf Moisan

Zuangeng Kidnapped

“Damn sail! It is a damn piece of shit!” Captain Garaad said. Zuangeng’s boat was nowhere to be seen.

“What did you expect from fuckin’ tatters!” Muse said.

“I swear! When we make landfall, we’re replacing these fuckin’ sails and repair the damn boats,” Captain Garaad yelled.

They continued in spite of fighting the sails. They kept on the heading they were on pursuing Zuangeng. Muse said, “I fuckin’ hope we make it to damn land!”

It took one day longer than Zuangeng to reach the island. They came close enough for Captain Garaad to exclaim, “There’s fuckin’ Zuangeng’s damn boat! We need to find him and a ship!”

They beached their boats close by Zuangeng’s boat. They walked up the beach en mass. They came upon Donato’s house. Captain Garaad said, “Let me do the talking, everybody!”

He knocked on the door. Julyana opened the door. Captain Garaad said, “Hello, Julyana. We are looking for a friend of ours. He’s a young Cingala, goes by Zuangeng. Have you seen him?”

Julyana said, unfriendly, “Captain Garaad! He’s with Donato in town. Now, be gone!”

Julyana slammed the door in Captain Garaad’s face.

Captain Garaad and entourage left. They walked to the edge of town. They halted. Captain Garaad said, “Break up into groups of two or three. Spread out. Search for that damn twerp. In an hour, report to me. I’ll be at the tavern. If you find him, bring him with you by any means, just, don’t hurt him!”

Bilal and Muse went together. Everybody entered the town. Captain Garaad walked to the town’s tavern. He sat at a vacant table. He ordered some food and rum. He got a plate of food, an empty glass and a full bottle of rum. He ate and drank. When he was done eating the waiter took the plate. He sat with his glass and bottle. He waited for the reports. He looked around. He remained silent.

Bilal and Muse entered the clothing store. They surveyed the store. They found the children’s clothing. They walked to it. They came to the fitting rooms. They were in time for Zuangeng to exit, wearing some clothes. He had a short sleeved white shirt and a pair of grey pants. He was bare foot. He saws them and froze. Muse said, “There the fuck you are! Come with us! Captain Garaad is waiting for us!”

“He’s going nowhere with you!” Donato said.

“He’s coming with no matter the fuck how! Who’s going to stop us?!” Bilal said.

“I am,” Donato said.

A fight ensued. Muse was the first to strike. He swung his right fist at Donato. Donato blocked the blow with his left arm. He struck Muse in the chest with the heel of his right palm. The blow sent Muse staggering back. He struck a pose with his hands out and up. He moved his right fingers, beckoning Bilal to strike. Bilal swung his left fist at Donato. Donato ducked. He swung his left hand up. It connected with Bilal’s jaws. Bilal’s mouth slammed shut. Blood started to come out of his mouth.

Muse came back. He swung his right fist at Donato. Donato blocked the blow. His fist connected with Muse’s left eye. The blow left a bruised eye. Bilal rushed Donato. Donato grabbed him and flipped him over himself. Bilal hit the floor on his back, the wind knocked out of him.

Muse rushed Donato as well. Bilal got up on his feet. Donato caught Muse and flipped him as well. Muse went over Donato and struck Bilal with his legs. Both ended on the floor with Muse on top of Bilal. They got on their feet. They rushed Donato together. Donato evaded them. They past him. Donato jumped and kicked with both legs. His booted feet connected with their backs. He landed on his feet. Bilal and Muse staggered toward Zuangeng. Zuangeng didged them.

Bilal and Muse turned to face a beckoning Donato. Donato used both hands, beckoning them to attack again. They looked at each other. They decided that they had enough. They walked off without Zuangeng. They found their way to the tavern. They found Captain Garaad. Captain Garaad looked at them. He said, “What happened to you both?”

Muse said, “Donato! We found Zuangeng at the clothing store. Donato beat us off! Both are unhurt!”

Captain Garaad said, “So, Zuangeng is with Donato! Stay here! We’ll wait for the others to report.”

Later, everybody was with Captain Garaad. They reported not finding Zuangeng. Captain Garaad said, “Muse and Bilal found him at the clothing store. The fuckin’ boy is with damn Donato! They are not likely there now! We’ll wait till this evening. We’ll rush Donato’s house. We’ll get that damn twerp, then!”

Zuangeng got some socks and a pair of new shoes. He wore them. Donato paid for the outfit. They left the store, Zuangeng wearing the clothes.

They entered the tavern. They spied Captain Garaad. Zuangeng hesitated. Captain Garaad saw them. He sat up. Donato took Zuangeng to the nearest vacant table. They sat. They ordered their food and drink. Donato ordered tea. Zuangeng ordered mango juice They ate and drank under the eye of Captain Garaad. Captain Garaad sat there watching. Muse and Bilal sat at his table. They looked at Donato and Zuangeng. They remained with Captain Garaad.

Donato and Zuangeng finished eating and drinking. Donato paid for the meal. He left a tip. They got up and exited the tavern. They remained in town for Donato had more business in town.

Late that afternoon, Donato and Zuangeng left town for home. They came home. They entered the house. They were greeted by Julyana. She said, “Captain Garaad came to the house looking for Zuangeng.”

Donato said, “We saw him at the tavern. I had to fight off Bilal and Muse at the clothing store.”

Zuangeng said, “When I get home, I’m going to learn how to fight like that!”

Donato said, “You’ll need to! This may not be the last time you’ll run into them.”

Julyana said, “I see you bought him some clothes. I have his other clothes drying.”

Donato said, “Good. However, we cannot stay here! Captain Garaad is bound to come for Zuangeng. He won’t be alone. We’ll leave the door unlocked. I don’t want it damaged.”

Julyana said, “I’ll gather some food to take.”

Donato said, “Hurry! We need to leave soon.”

Julyana went into the kitchen. She gathered the food into a basket. She rejoined Donato and Zuangeng. They exited the front door. Donato said, “We’ll go into the forest. I know a place we can hole up at.”

Zuangeng said, “I have a boat at the wharf. It maybe big enough for the three of us.”

Donato said, “Let me see it. It might help us. Also, I can start your lessons.”



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