The Fiction of Wolf Moisan

The Boy and the Sea Dragon

Chapter Thirty Two

Meet Shokura

Several days later, an officer showed up at Shulngeniu’s downtown business office. Shulngeniu was sitting behind her desk reading a law journal. The officer spoke Jalapean, “Shequyle wants to see Zuangeng, now.”

“We’ll be there. I’ll have to go home. He’s there,” Shulngeniu said. She put the journal on the desk, open to where she left off. They exited the office together. She locked up. The officer returned to the station. She caught a cab. The driver drove her home. She bade the driver to wait. She entered the house.

She found Zuangeng sitting on a stone bench in the backyard. He wore black shorts and a green short sleeved shirt. He had brown leather shoes on his feet. He had no socks. She said, “We meed to go to the station, Zuangeng. Shequyle needs to see you.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Zuangeng said. They walked to the front. Shulngeniu helped Zuangeng into the cab. She got in after him. The driver drove to the police station. Shulngeniu and Zuangeng exited the cab. She helped him out. The cab left.

They entered the station. They were met at the door by an officer. They were led to Shequyle’s office. They entered his office. Shequyle told Zuangeng through Shulngeniu, “I have somebody I need you to identify.”

He took them to the interrogation room. They entered it. Zuangeng looked at the man sitting there. He studied the man. Concern, almost fear, came over Zuangeng’s face. The man looked at Zuangeng. He had a threatening sneer. He ran his left hand across his throat. Shequyle studied Zuangeng’s face.

They exited the room. The man remained sitting in the room. Shequyle closed the door. They walked back to his office. Shequyle sat behind his desk. He indicated to the pair of chairs in front of the desk. He said, “Please, have a seat.”

Shulngeniu sat in the chair on the left. She indicated to Zuangeng to do the same. He sat in the right chair.

Shequyle studied Zuangeng. He looked like an entirely different person. Shequyle, eventually, said, “You look better, Zuangeng. Was that man you just saw the killer?”

Zuangeng said, “Yes, he is the one.”

Shequyle said, “That is Shokura. He has a history of petty crimes and drug dealing; but, nothing violent as murder. Are you sure, he is the one?”

Zuangeng said, “Yes, I’m sure. I’ll never forget that face.”

“There is always a first time for anything,” Shulngeniu observed.

Shequyle said, “Thank you, Zuangeng. I’ll keep in touch.”

“I’m curious, how old is he,” Zuangeng had to ask.

“He is thirty years old,” Shequyle replied.

“But, he looks so old. I’d say more like in his sixties,” Zuangeng said, not believing him.

“He, also, uses the drugs. They will age you, if you use them long enough. My advice for you, Zuangeng, is to never do drugs,” Shequyle said.

Zuangeng and Shulngeniu exited the station. They walked to her office.



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