The Fiction of Wolf Moisan

The Boy and the Sea Dragon

Chapter Thirty Seven

Shokura’s Trial and Escape.

The next day, Shokura had a visitor. He remained in his cell. The visitor was one of his dealers. He talked to Shokura through the bars. Shokura said, “There’s a six year old blond damn Cingala boy. He is to testify at my trial. There will be a reward for anyone who stops the fucker from testifying. Use any means necessary. There’s a damn fire dragon, too. Kill it!”

The visitor said, “I will spread the word.

Word spread throughout the underworld. They sought for Zuangeng with no success. They came close; but, Zuangeng managed to slip by them.

Three days later, they held Shokura’s trial. Since Shinella was too big to fit in the courthouse, the trial was held in the square. The ashes from the fire had been cleaned up. A low stage had been built for the trial. Judge Morlan was not the judge. Shulngeniu did not defend Shokura. A male Jalapean defense attorney defended him.

Xianjeng was there to watch the trial. So, was Shulngeniu. She was there mainly to support Zuangeng. She remained his lawyer. Zuangeng wore a neew outfit. Again, Jabid was the prosecutor.

Zuangeng’s testimony was pretty much the same as at his own trial. This time, he mentioned noticing a shadow passing over the scene. Shokura’s testimony, also, was much the same. He insisted that Zuangeng was the killer, not himself. Shequyle’s testimony was much the same, too.

It was Shinella’s turn to testify. He stood beside the witness stand. He was too big to sit in it. Jabid questioned him first. He said, “Where were you on the day of the murder?”

Shinella replied, “I was flying over the city.”

Jabid said, “Where were you at the time of the murder?”

Shinella said, “I was over the alley where the murder took place.”

Jabid said, “How many people were in the alley?”

Shinella said, “There were two adults and one child.”

Jabid said, “Who were they?”

Shinella said, “There were Shokura, Zuangeng and an unknown man.”

Jabid said, “How do you know Shokura and Zuangeng?”

Shinella said, “I have heard of Shokura for years. He has a bad reputation of various crimes. Zuangeng, I have only known recently through another dragon.”

Jabid said, “What happened when you flew over?”

Shinella said, “Shokura shot the man once.”

Jabid said, “The man was shot twice. You said that he was shot once?”

Shinella said, “That was all I saw. I was past them before I heard the second shot.”

Jabid said, “Dragons are known to tell nothing but the truth. Is that correct?”

Shinella said, “That is correct.”

Jabid showed Shinella the gun. He said, “Have you seen this gun before?”

Shinella said, “Yes, I have.”

Jabid said, “Where did you see this gun?”

Shinella said, “It was in Shokura’s hand.”

Jabid said, “No further questions.”

It was Shokura’s attorney’s turn to ask him some questions.

The attorney said, “Are you sure it was Shokura, not Zuangeng?”

Shinella said, “I am positive.”

The attorney said, “Sometimes, it is difficult to tell similar people apart, especially from a distance.”

Shinella said, “I have an acute sense of vision. You might say, I have the eyes of a hawk. Shokura and Zuangeng are too different in appearance to be confused.”

The attorney said, “It’s been over a week, almost two weeks, since the crime. Sometimes memories get jumbled up in that time.”

Shinella said, “That may be true of humans. I am not a human. I am a dragon. Dragons have excellent memories. We do not jumble our memories. I am no exception.”

The attorney asked him a few more questions.

The two attorneys gave their closing arguments to the jury. The jury left for deliberation. They came back with a guilty verdict. The judge said, “Shokura, you will hang in seven days.”

Two officers took Shokura into custody. Shokura, before he was led away, said, “Zuangeng, you are a damn walking dead boy! I will fuckin’ kill you! The same goes for fuckin’ you, Rozyrvon!”

The officers led Shokura away.

Shulngeniu, Shequyle, Shinella and Xianjeng said, “We’ll protect you, Zuangeng.”

Shinella added, “It will be extremely hard for anyone to kill me.”

Zuangeng and Shulngeniu rode to her house The two dragons flew to Shinella’s home in the mountains. They got as far as a nearby lake. Shequyle walked to the police station.

The two officers took Shokura to prison. They never made it. They were ambushed by some of Shokura’s men. The officers were killed.


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