The Fiction of Wolf Moisan

The Boy and the Sea Dragon

Chapter Thirty Eight

Departure from Jalapea

The next day, Shequyle came upon the ambush site. He found the bodies of the slain officers. He processed the scene. No weapons other than the officers’ guns were found. The bodies were taken away.

Shequyle showed up at Shulngeniu’s house. The butler let him in. He led Shequyle to her office. Shulngeniu greeted him with, “Hello, Shequyle. What is the reason for this visit?”

Shequyle said, “News! It’s not good. I need to see Zuangeng and warn him!”

Shulngeniu sent the butler to get him. When Zuangeng appeared, Shequyle said, “Zuangeng, Shokura has escaped. He’s at large! Be careful! Don’t go anywhere without protection! I’ll be glad to send an officer or two to guard you.”

Zuangeng said, “It’s time I left. There is no need for protection.”

Shequyle interrupted, “How are you going to leave? It will take time to find a ship to take you. You will need protection in that time.”

Zuangeng continued, “I will be going with the sea dragon. He has helped me before. He’ll help me now.”

Shulngeniu said, “We don’t know where the dragons gone. How will you find them? Especially without protection.”

Zuangeng said, “I have a way to find them. Shokura will not find me. Please, trust me in this matter.”
Shequyle said, “Good luck, then. Please, be careful and reconsider my offer.”

Zuangeng said, “I’ll be careful. There is no need for reconsideration. Where, I’m going, I will not need any of these clothes.”

He took his clothes off. He handed them to Shulngeniu. He said, “I don’t know if I’ll ever need them again. Bye, I enjoyed my time with you, Shulngeniu. I’m going to miss you. I’ll miss you too, Shequyle.”

Shulngeniu said, “We’ll miss you, too. Bye and good luck in getting home. Please, be careful. If you ever come back this way, be sure to look us up.”

“I will,” Zuangeng promised. He exited to the back yard. Again, he hid behind the bushes. He changed into Ciyonaung. He took off in search of Xianjeng.

He found the two dragons at a nearby lake. Shinella laid on the muddy lake shore. Xianjeng laid in the water near him. They had their heads down. When Ciyonaung’s shadow covered their heads, they raised their heads up. They looked up. They watched Ciyonaung land near them.

Xianjeng said, “Hello, Ciyonaung. What do we owe your company?”

Ciyonaung said, “I need to leave today!”

“What’s your hurry,” Xianjeng asked.

“Shokura is on the loose,” Ciyonaung said.

Shinella said, “Why is Ciyonaung in need of leaving? Why does he have a problem with Shokura?”

Xianjeng said, “Ciyonaung is Zuangeng in dragon form.”

Shinella said, “Does Shokura know this?”

Ciyonaung said, “So far, nobody knows this except you, Xianjeng and Alexia.”

Shinella said, “Alexia? Who is this Alexia?”

Xianjeng said, “That’s how he knows my lord. The safest place for Zuangeng is off this island, preferably at home.”

Ciyonaung said, “I agree. Rozyrvon, please, look after Shulngeniu. She might be in danger as well.”

Shinella said, “I will! I suggest that Zuangeng should remain Ciyonaung until he is off the island.”

Xianjeng said, “Good idea. Are you sure that he has never seen you change into a dragon or back before?”

Ciyonaung said, “No, I don’t think he has. When I met him, I was Zuangeng. I ran and hid from him. At my hanging, there was too much confusion. I doubt any eyes were on me.”

Xianjeng said, “Well, let’s go then. Bye Rozyrvon.”

“Bye, Rozyrvon,” Ciyonaung said.

“Bye, guys,” Shinella said.

Xianjeng got up on his legs in a crouched position. Ciyonaung and he took off. They flew over the city. They flew out over the ocean. They left the island behind. Shinella flew home.

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