The Fiction of Wolf Moisan

The Boy and the Sea Dragon

Chapter Thirty Nine

Shokura’s Search for Zuangeng

Shokura’s men took him to a safe location. They took the handcuffs off him.

Shokura said, “I’m looking for a fuckin’ six year old, blond damn Cingala boy. His name is Zuangeng. I will pay whoever  fuckin’ finds him and let me know where he fuckin’ is or brings him to me. He is not to be harmed and remain alive. I will pay whoever finds Rozyrvon. I don’t care if he is killed. Just bring me his head.”

One of his men said, “What if whoever finds Zuangeng ends up fuckin’ killing him?”

Shokura angrily said, “The damn boy is fuckin’ Mine! I will kill the twerp myself! If he is harmed in any way or killed by anyone but me, I’ll have his fuckin’ head!”

They said, “Yes, sir! We’ll spread the word. We’ll make sure he is not harmed.”

Word spread throughout the city’s criminal underground.

A few days later, Shokura was informed where Zuangeng was living. He waited for nightfall.

The sky was clear. Many stars could be seen. There was a full moon. Shokura walked the lit streets. He had a gun in his left pants pocket. He was heading to Shulngeniu’s house. He found the house. He walked around to the backyard. He picked the lock on the back door. He entered a hall lit only by the moon.

Shortly after he had been to his home, Shinella took off in search of Shokura. It was the night that Shokura was heading toward Shulngeniu’s house. Shinella’s eyes were glowing when he spotted Shokura. Shokura noticed a spot of light where he was. He looked up to see the dragon pass over him. He shook his right fist at the dragon. He lost sight of the dragon. He continued on his way.

Shinella extinguished his eyes as he circled back around. He found Shokura again. Shokura appeared as a silhouette in the moonlight. Shinella followed behind him. He flew slow and silently. He did not want to alert him, again. When they reached the street of the house, Shinella knew where Shokura was heading.

Shinella flew ahead without alerting Shokura. He landed on the roof of the house. Shulngeniu woke up. She thought that she heard a noise from the roof. It sounded like several objects had hit the roof. There was silence. She thought, “Must have been a dream.”

She went back to sleep.

Shinella made himself look like a part of the roof. He watched for Shokura. After Shokura had entered the house, Shinella moved to the backyard.

Shokura stalked through the dark house. He held his gun in his left hand. He found the spare bedroom where Zuangeng had slept. He entered the room. He quietly walked to the bed, gun poised. The bed was empty. He exited the room. He searched the rest of the house.

He found Shulngeniu’s bedroom. He silently entered the room. He found her asleep. He silently stalked to the bed.

Shinella looked through the dark windows. He found the window of Shulngeniu’s bedroom. He heard voices through the window.

Shokura held his gun against Shulngeniu’s head. He bent over her. He placed his right hand on the bed on the  opposite side. She woke up. She stared at him. She saw the gun in her face. He had a threatening sneer on his face. He growled, “Where the fuck is Zuangeng?”

Shulngeniu said, “He’s not here, Shokura!”

“I noticed that! Now, where did he fuckin’ go?” Shokura continued to growl.

“He went home,” she replied.

Shokura said, “To fuckin’ Cinga, I hope, where he damn belongs? Where you and your damn people belong and should never fuckin’ leave?”

She said, “I don’t know!”

Shokura said, “I’ll bet, you fuckin’ do know! Tell me!”

Shulngeniu said, “I will tell you no more than I have said!”

Shokura pulled the hammer back. He said, “You fuckin’ better tell me every damn thing I want to know, if you fuckin’ value your damn life!”

As soon as he said that, there was an explosion and shower of shattered glass. Shokura jumped to his feet. He swung around to face the window. He discovered Shinella’s head poking through the window. The dragon’s eyes were glowing bright red with anger. The whole room was lit up by the red light. Shokura had his gun pointed at the dragon. He glared at the dragon. Shinella had his lips curled in an angry, threatening snarl. Shokura could see the dragon’s sharp white teeth.

Shinella snarled, “Shokura! If you hurt her in any way, I’ll fry you alive where you stand!”

Shokura said, “You would not fuckin’ dare to do that! You’ll set the damn room on fire!”

Shokura quickly swung his gun and head back to Shulngeniu. He discovered he was looking at the barrel of a pistol in her hand, finger on the trigger. Shulngeniu warned, “Rozyrvon won’t need to. I know how to use this, I don’t miss!”

Shokura eased the hammer down. He held both hands up, gun still in the left. He backed up to the bedroom doorway. He said, “Surely, we could fuckin’ work something out.”

Shulngeniu said, “The only thing we are going to work out is your going back to jail! The only negotiating I do with thugs like you is how they get there!”

She got out of bed. She kept her eyes and gun trained on him. She commanded, “Drop the gun!”

“I don’t fuckin’ think so,” Shokura said. He continued backing up. Shulngeniu advanced. She had the look of anger and contempt mixed.

She said, “I said, drop the gun!”

“And I said, fuckin’ no,” Shokura exclaimed. He reached the doorway. He reached for the door handle with his right hand. Suddenly, he spun around. He ran through the doorway, slamming the door closed before she could react.

“I’ll go after him when he leaves the house,” Shinella said. Shulngeniu turned to face him.

“Sorry about the window,” Shinella apologized.

“No need to apologize. You did what you needed to do to protect me. I appreciate your help. I’ll clean up, later,” Shulngeniu said. She turned around again. She exited her room. She searched the house. She never found him. She found the back door wide open. She closed and locked it. She returned to her bedroom. Shinella was gone. Shulngeniu went  back to bed, being careful not to step on the shattered glass on the floor. She fell asleep.


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