The Fiction of Wolf Moisan

The Boy and the Sea Dragon

Chapter Forty

A Pirate  Captain

Shokura found his way to the backdoor. Shinella pulled his head out of the window. He turned right to face the backdoor. His eyes continued to glow. They lit up Shokura as he exited the door.

Shokura exited the house into a pool of bright red light. He looked to his right. He had his gun in his left pants pocket. He spied the dragon looking at him. He spun left. He ran around the corner of the house. He ran into the street.

Shinella spun around. He turned around the opposite corner of the house. He saw Shokura run past him and disappear. He took to the air in search for Shokura.

The next morning, Shokura found his way to the harbor. He strolled among the ships docked there.

He met Captain Ilawinsky, a captain he knew. The captain had a reputation as a pirate and smuggler. He was a Jalapean. Shokura had done some business with him numerous times. He knew the captain well. Shokura said, “I need passage off the damn island, Captain Ilawinsky.”

Captain Ilawinsky knew Shokura and his reputation as well. He said, “Shokura, where are you heading?”

Shokura said, “To Cinga. I’m looking for a friend of mine. He was heading that way.”

Captain Ilawinsky said, disbelievingly, “Why! You have no real fuckin’ friends, only damn associates!”

Shokura confessed, “He’s no fuckin’ friend nor fuckin’ associate of mine! He got me sentenced to death. If I catch the little damn twerp, he’s fuckin’ dead!”

Captain Ilawinsky said, “You know, I give no damn free passage. If I gave you passage on my ship, you have to fuckin’ work.”

“I’ll fuckin’ do whatever it’ll damn take,” Shokura said.

Captain Ilawinsky said, “Welcome aboard. We’re about to set sail.”

They walked on board the Jondarvale. It was a frigate with three masts. The gun deck was bristling with cannons. The ship left the harbor under full sail. They raised the Cinga flag.

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