The Fiction of Wolf Moisan

The Boy and the Sea Dragon

Home at Last and a New Life

Chapter Forty One

A Chance Meeting

Days later, the Jondarvale ran across the Serikua and the Katendua. The sky was overcast with grey clouds. The water rippled.

Captain Ilawinsky and Shokura stood together on the Jondarvale’s deck. They looked toward the Serikua. Captain Esiada stood on the Serikua’s deck. He looked toward the Jondarvale. Captain Ilawinsky signaled Captain Esiada a desire for a visit. Captain Esiada had a look of displeasure in his face. He nodded agreement, anyway.

Shokura turned to Captain Ilawinsky. He said, “I need to go fuckin’ over as well. I have some questions for him.”

Captain Ilawinsky said, “I’ll let you come with me. You can ask your questions.”

He and Shokura rowed over to the Serikua. They climbed the ladder to the deck. They got no further. They remained at the open gate. Captain Esiada stood less than a foot in front of them. Captain Ilawinsky spoke Cingalia, “Hi, my name is Captain Ila-”

Captain Esiada interrupted. He spoke in a rather unfriendly tone, “I know who the fuck you are! What do you fuckin’ want!?”

Captain Ilawinsky disarmingly said, “We might be heading the same way. Are you going to Cinga?”

Captain Esiada said, “I’m going to Mikitaya specifically.”

Captain Ilawinsky said, “We should sail together.”

Captain Esiada said, “I do not fuckin’ think so! I know your fuckin’ reputation. I do not fuckin’ trust you. You are not really fuckin’ welcome on my ship. I suggest you fuckin’ return to your damn ship and be on your fuckin’ way.”

Shokura spoke Jalapean, hoping the good captain understood him, “I’m looking for someone, a friend, by the name of Zuangeng.”

Captain Esiada spoke Jalapean as well, “There is nobody by that name on my ship.”

Shokura said, “Oh, he’d be about six, blond hair, a Cingala boy.”

“I know of no one fitting that description,” Captain Esiada said sternly with a hint of disapproval. He was wary of this man. He did not know this man. He did not like the company this man kept. He did not trust this stranger asking about his charge.

Shokura genially said, “If you do see him, let him know that his good friend Shokura is looking for him.”

“I will,” Captain Esiada said sternly. He never did introduce himself. He did not trust either of them.

Captain Ilawinsky and Shokura rowed back to the Jondarvale.

Captain Esiada walked to the other side of the ship. Captain Sanjeng looked his way. Captain Esiada signaled him to be aware of the new ship. He turned to his crew. He barked orders to set the sails post haste.

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